Run with Maud

Celebrating the freedom to run for those who run to be free.

We Run with Maud to honor him and promote the impact running can have on the physical and mental health of Black boys like him.

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Join the Run with Maud movement.

Whether you’re running a race in Maud’s honor or organizing a dedicated race in his name, proceeds from the future merchandise will be used exclusively to advance our cause.


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🏃🏾🏃🏼‍♀️“WINNING yOUR RACE” 🏃🏻🏃🏾‍♀️Video Dropping Tonight at 8:00 EST on the Hygher Power Lifestyle YouTube Channel! This is one of THE MOST important videos that I have ever made! LINK IN BIO! 
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A recap of the Ahmaud Arbery 5k
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Stolen from Darius Melvin:

"We did it! Proud of our Buffalo Team for joining runners all over the world this weekend and finishing the #RunWithMaud

This was the smallest, yet the most meaningful race I've been a part of, to honor Ahmaud Arbery and raise money for the "Ahmaud Arbery Foundation" and the Buffalo weather was perfect today.

Special thanks to Amber Melvin, Esq. and my mom Kimberly Melvin for being the cheerleaders and hydrators today!

And to the runners Royce Woods, Stephanie Rivera, Andrew Druski Scott, Nate Gulley, Princessa Figueroa-williams and Giambattista for being an incredible group from various sectors."

Join us at next year's 5k run‼️
Inaugural 5K WALK/RUN WITH MAUD 🏃‍♀️ supporting the ahmaudarberyfoundation  The most meaningful run I’ve ever done ✊ 
•to a safer world
•to a better society for our kids
•so that a black man, woman, child can simply go for a walk or run or anywhere and get back home alive and well. 

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Virtual #RunWithMaud 5K

My route was a simple out and back—something I always just take for granted.

It wasn’t so for Ahmaud Arbery.

Going for a run without the fear of being gunned down ought to be a basic human right.

Unlike Ahmaud I was able to complete a 5k walk around my neighborhood. Without fear. And without fatal consequence. This is how it should’ve been for him. How it should be for anyone. His death knocked the wind out of me. I held Zoe a little tighter. Couldn’t even fathom the pain of his mother. It was too much to even think about. But she will have to for the rest of her life. Without her son. I hope she finds peace for even a moment each day. 🙏🏽 ♥️ #ahmaudarbery #blacklivesmatter #runwithmaud
Did my virtual #runwithmaud today. Thank you for sharing your son and yourself with the world.
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That early morning run was all for you Ahmaud Arbery. Sending love and light to your family! 🙏🏻#runwithmaud grassrootslaw ahmaudarberyfoundation
Did something great with my baby today… Finally did a 5K! & What better way than for a cause to keep the memory of #AhmaudArbery alive… 

Shout out to definenewyorkrunclub runningtoprotest thatcoffeyboy for coordinating this 

#RunWithMaud #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
Run With Maud Virtual 5k today. #runwithmaud #loveyourneighbor
Went the virtual route and ran the Run With Maud 5k this morning. Proud to support the ahmaudarberyfoundation and #runwithmaud every opportunity I get. 🙏🏾
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#Repost runningedge305 
This morning we “Ran with Maud,” in the beautiful City of Miami Gardens . #runwithmaud 

Thank you Coach T runningedge305 for having juice4yoursoul Yesterday was amazing and I’m happy you are always spreading Positivity in our communities and you are always shedding light on why it’s important we Must continue to keep our Bodies active💪🏾

#foryou #runningedge305 #blackpeopleruntoo #juice4yoursoul #blackpeoplearehealthytoo

On the move to advance a movement.

Black boys deserve well-being. Let’s make it a reality.

On a mission to create safe spaces for Black boys to run freely.