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What Your Gift Supports

The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation is here to support black boys on their journey towards mental wellness. We are currently raising funds to support our mental wellness resource library and Circle support groups for black boys.

Mental health statistics in kids

Your gift today will help to provide resources to equip and empower them to manage adversity and provide hope for brighter futures. Thank You!

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Values We Hold

We stay true to these beliefs and values as we do the work to impact mental wellness of black boys.


All black boys are deserving of mental wellness. 

Black male youth impacted by challenges and adversity can enter on the path towards mental wellness.

Educating young people about mental wellness is a way to support their evolution and personal growth. 

The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation will be a safe place for healing and movement towards mental wellness for black boys.

Circles, workshops, and other events hosted by the Ahmaud Arbery Foundation are needed and can yield fruitful outcomes for mental wellness for black boys.


We believe the path to mental wellness is ongoing.

We strive for humility, respect, and compassion in our work.

We operate with integrity and honesty.

We will steward resources to support black youth on their journey towards mental wellness.

We will honor Ahmaud’s memory by supporting the mental wellness of black boys.

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